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魔力宝贝 剑士









Ah, Milan, Milan!



Capital of fashion and style, coffee and fine dining, where you can spend half a day sitting in a street corner stylish café sipping espressos, nibbling on buttery pistachio biscuits, reading a book and people watching.


If the café is nice and famous enough maybe a well known author will walk in, a super model or even a movie star.


When you leave you will be holding a pretty little box decorated in gold and white neatly tied with a deep blue silk ribbon filled with little cakes and cookies and handmade chocolates carefully arranged inside like pieces of jewelry.

6、魔力宝贝 剑士

And when you walk down the street carrying it, everyone will know that you have just been to Cova!









Yes, Cova Milanothe 200 year old bakery is an iconic Milan brand just like Armani, Canali or Prada, it represent the finest and most luxurious in coffee and pastry, and for the past couple of years it is also in China.

Today we are visiting Cova’s new flag store inside one of Beijing’s most iconic buildings,Parkview Green,where the brand has taken over a large central space with the famous indoor hanging terrace.

Welcoming us with a big smile and a fragrant freshly made espresso isBrand Developer Lydia Suwho in the past two years have been living, breathing and dreaming Cova as she and her team work to make the brand feel at home in Beijing.

Cova Milano是一个有着200年历史的标志性米兰品牌,它代表着咖啡和糕点界的顶级与奢华。

今天我们要介绍的是位于北京侨福芳草地的Cova全新旗舰店,迎接我们的是有着大大笑脸的Cova品牌开发员——Lydia Su,在过去两年的时间里面,她和她的团队一直在为了Cova在北京的发展而努力着!

Founded in 1817 by Napoleonic army veteran Antonio Cova, Cova is one of Italy’s oldest pastry shops.

The history of Cova is intertwined with the history of Italy, especially of Milan.

In 1817, as Europe was slowly beginning to heal from the terror of the Napoleonic Wars, Antonio Cova who has seen enough pain and anguish, decided that the time has come to create something beautiful, something peaceful, something sweet and openedCova Milano.

Cova是由拿破仑的士兵Antonio Cova于1817年创办,是意大利老牌糕点店之一。Cova的历史与意大利的历史交织在一起,尤其是米兰。

1817年,欧洲开始从拿破仑战争的阴影中逐步恢复,Antonio Cova决定创造一些美丽的,平和的、甜蜜的东西,于是他开了Cova Milano。

The original location was next to the famed La Scala Theater in the fashionable centre of Milan.

Born as a literary café, Cova emerged as one of the most important historical openings of the era.

A fashionable café for post-theatre mingling and the meeting place for patriots of the Italian Unification Movement.

The proximity to the theater and the elegant, fashionable design of the place soon made it a hub for intellectuals, artists, musicians, academics, writers, politicians and journalists.

Renowned composer Giuseppe Verdi had his favorite table at Cova where he would eat Panettone and talk about art and politics.


高雅,时尚的设计,也让Cova很快成为了知识分子、艺术家、学者、政治家和媒体人的聚集地。世界著名艺术家Giuseppe Verdi也是它的座上客。

The café became an important place during the unrest of March 1848 where Italian patriots protested foreign presence in the city and during World War II the entire La Scala area was heavily bombarded forcing Cova to close its doors until its relocation in 1950 to No. 8 Via Montenapoleone, heart of the renowned Fashion District of Milan.

But in recent times it was not the revolutionary or historic glory that made Cova famous, but the glamour of celebrities and movie stars and the hordes of paparazzi that follow them.


Ok, enough with the history lesson, we are here to eat and drink!

Your Cova experience will definitely start with the coffee

Cova’s coffee, a blend of six single-origin beans, air-roasted by hand and combined to create the signature Cova flavor is guaranteed to be absolutely the same everywhere in the world.

Italians take their coffee very seriously and we put this promise to the test as we ask our Italian guest to try the coffee, he is pleased, just like home.

But it is not just good beans and good roasting that make a perfect espresso.

For one tiny cup of perfection the water pressure, the cup temperature and material the cup is made of all have to be just right.

Becoming a Cova barista requires a long training and strict discipline.




Other than coffee, the next most important thing that Cova offers is the pastry.

We are talking about a large range of pastry from tiny bite-size cookies and biscuits to multi-tiered wedding cakes.


Most famous are probably Cova’s signature panetonne and the mimosa cake.

Jealously guarded since the beginning of the 19th century, the Cova panettone recipe has been passed secretly from generation to generation.

This iconic pastry is a symbol of the festive season, eating together and the joy that comes with unwrapping the elegantly-wrapped gift.

And since panettones are made to share, Cova offers a 10 kg version ideal for sharing with friends and families.



The Italian Mimosa Cake is not just pretty and delicious it has a strong symbolic meaning as it was made in 1946 to honor women on March 8th for International Women’s Day.

It is also the perfect gift to bring your mom on mother’s day.

And if looking at the Cova cake menu makes you feel confused or sad that you cannot eat all of them, there is a solution, a large selection of personal mini-size cakes that are actually quite romantic to share with one more person.



Using the original names, keeping the original flavors, Cova is happy to welcome international clients but not willing to change for them.

The servers are happy to spend a long time with each client, teaching, explaining, making suggestions and helping to choose, and the clients seem to be happy with the knowledge that they are getting the original experience, just like in Milan.


Cova is more than just food, we said earlier, Cova is fashion, this is why the brand feels very comfortable with locations in fashion hubs in the cities where it opens branches and this is why it was a perfect match to join the LVMH group in 2013 alongside houses like Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Givenchy.

Like a true luxury brand providing the highest level product and service is in the heart of Cova’s doctrine and in order to do that time, patience, practice and a thorough understanding of the local market are required.

我们说过了,Cova不仅仅是食物,它代表的是时尚,更是一种生活的态度。2013年,它完美的融入了奢侈品巨头——LVMH 集团。

This is why, when it first arrived in Beijing, Cova chose a low-key location for its first branch, to adapt to the new environment, create a clientele base, and slowly expand when the time is right based on customers demand.


Another reason Cova starts small and slow when it comes to a new city is the long training process its team of baristas, chefs, bakers and service staff has to go through.

First going to Milan to train in the original store then the Milan team will come to the new store for more focused training and there are quite a lot of tests…

Other than the century old secret recipes and the special coffee blend Cova also brings its key décor elements to all of its stores around the world.

In each Cova store you can always find the long dark wood counter, the shiny espresso machines and hints of Royal Blue velvet and gold – the brand’s signature colors that represent nobility.


After almost two years in quiet western Beijing Cova felt it’s time to grow and the large flag store in Parkview Green, a building strongly associated with arts and design opened in mid 2017.

Here just like in Milan, guests are invited to linger as long as they like, dine with friends, dress up, see and be seen, and maybe catch a glimpse of local celebrity.

Walk to the far end of the restaurant for some privacy and for a look at the small photo exhibition of Cova history.

But it’s not all coffee and cakes, the Parkview Green Cova is a full menu restaurant serving some classic Italian favorites and a very attractive lunch set menu for the young professionals working nearby.


Being an affordable luxury brand is something Cova takes great pride in.

They also take great pride in always being relevant and original.

This is why for each and every holiday and even for different seasons there is a special seasonal pastry.


Official wechat account: covalife

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Terms and Conditions:

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3. Seating in the restaurant depends on availability.










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